Following the Herd: Why are conspiracy theories thriving in pandemic times?

office from sky view

We’ve all heard of flat earthers, anti-vaxxers and those who think the moon landing was an elaborate hoax. The vast majority of us can agree that these beliefs are farfetched, or even somewhat laughable… but conspiracy theories aren’t all so bonkers, and that’s what makes them so dangerous. Misinformation incited the mob that stormed the […]

Should you return to the office or shut-up shop?

opening the office

In real life telephone conversations, almost every CEO and Director that I have spoken to has had something to say about the future of the office. In our recent Leadership Survey their views were:  60% believe that home-working would become a right 73% thought that a head office would be retained  but 65% said that […]

7 tips for virtual onboarding

If I had asked any of my CEO clients 15 weeks ago whether they would recruit and onboard a director virtually, they would have laughed. How times change because in our recent survey 29% of our respondents said that they would do exactly this…and indeed over recent times, theory has become the reality.  As ever, […]

10 tips for work-family balance when working remotely

work-family balance

Working from home for many of us has been the norm for a long time. Meetings in the office, conferences, travel and business dinners, were possible by the ability to focus when at home. Monday 23rd March 2020 was, therefore, a nuclear level shock to the system. It wasn’t that we were now all working […]

How is Covid-19 impacting people and retail in US, Europe and Middle East?

Is your business international or were you planning on expanding? We caught up with friends of ORESA in the USA, Germany and the Middle East to find out what life is like on the ground and the impact on businesses and retailers during the pandemic. This article was last updated 13.05.2020. Overarching observations and/or opportunities […]

How to not end up on the boycott list

PR during covid:19

This week we have a guest blog from Oresa friend, Sara Vaughan. Sara is an Innovator, Creator Brands with Purpose and Positive Change Maker. Formerly in-house at De Beers – where she launched Forevermark, The Body Shop and Unilever where she was a Vice-President, she now has her own consultancy working with companies and brands […]

The right remote communication tools for the job: from Slack to Snapchat 

remote communication tools

In the last month staying connected has become more important than ever. Between lockdown and social distancing, our person to person contact has almost disappeared. Co-workers have either been replaced by spouses, small children, pets or Netflix.  Whilst some of us may flourish working at home, without the distractions of the office tea round, others […]

How to furlough employees and workers

Furlough, a word many of us were unacquainted with before, now seems to be on the lips of every business reporter.  Slowing down business, or pulling the brakes, is not an easy decision to make. Balancing the books alongside employees is a juggling act many leaders are facing. Some of them are making headlines for […]

We demystify challenges by fresh thinking and seeking continual improvement. Browse our content here.

We demystify challenges by fresh thinking and seeking continual improvement. Browse our content here.