Finding an Impactful Leader

To (mis) quote author Jim Collins: “The right people on the right bus, make the wheels go round”

Or, exceptional people drive growth; that’s why we’ve designed a process that not only identifies and attracts exceptional leaders but also ensures fit.

We don’t believe that track record alone equals future success or that ‘fit’ is a feeling. We use expertise, insight and diagnostics to make the subjective objective.

Our focus is on facts, so you can be intuitive – it’s science and art combined.

After securing your impactful leader, we offer a post placement support service to ensure a seamless transition between offer and joining.

Chair, NED and Board Adviser

Our board practice is diligent and contemporary in its thinking and approach.

C-Suite, Director & Team Building

We recruit CEOs, MDs, COOs, Directors and often multiple functional teams for our clients.

Interim and Consultants

In those tricky moments where you require technical expertise or leadership on tap.

Growth Stories - Executive Search

ORESA’s diligence and effectiveness of achieving the right cultural match which as we know can sometimes be a challenge for our business. Mark Cotter - CEO - Baird Group