Defining a strategy for growth

The Business 

Our client, a fast track Ed-Tech business, provides a wide range of online training courses. These range from compliance courses like food hygiene to personal development courses such as leadership and negotiation skills; we worked with the business to deliver on their requirements relating to senior headhunting for the tech sector.

The Challenge

ORESA were originally commissioned to run an individual appraisal for a potential CEO. The appraisal was run over 2 days and included a range of diagnostic as well as face to face assessment tools. Ultimately, and as a result of our assessments, the decision was taken not to recruit an external CEO into the business which was a successful result. 

Three years after our initial talent assessment work, ORESA engaged in another conversation with the Founders of the business. They had arrived at a point where they needed to review the overall strategy and organisational design of the business, with the hypothesis that a CEO and revised structure were now required to ensure they were well positioned for growth. 

The Solution

The ORESA approach to Growth Architecture was deployed. Initially this included an audit phase which included a Strategy Review, Board Appraisal and Organisational Analysis. These then informed workshops to focus and identify the purpose, vision and strategy for the business. 

Further to this, ORESA undertook a competitor insight evaluation to help the Founders understand their competitor market and used this intel to influence the Organisational Design. 

Beyond the direct competitors, and as part of the senior headhunting for the tech sector process, we provided the company with an appraisal of the wider education market including content development, educational delivery and software platform companies. Ultimately this enabled them to see what was possible and to up-scale their ambition!

A Leadership Appraisal was carried out to inform the structural challenges in the organisation and ORESA provided feedback reports for 10 members of the SMT, detailing areas of personal and professional development. 

With the Audit complete, the process of Architecting began with us helping the Founders to agree on a change of ownership structure (a result of the board appraisal) as well as developing a new Organisational Design. 

With the Founders and Head of HR, a gap for a Marketing Director was established. ORESA undertook the search for this role and, instead of recruiting from a competitor, we identified the additive skills required for the business and recruited a candidate with SAAS and subscription revenue model experience to help unlock new business and marketing opportunities for the company.

This individual continues to evolve and develop the marketing department today, concluding a successful strategy for senior headhunting for the tech sector.

At ORESA we approach your business challenge holistically. Whether you’re looking to hire a CEO, assess your current team or look to your competitors for gaps in the market, get in touch today and we can help.
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We demystify challenges by fresh thinking and seeking continual improvement. Browse our content here.

We demystify challenges by fresh thinking and seeking continual improvement. Browse our content here.