Dining Club Group: going digital with a new CMO

growing a subscription service

The Business 

Dining Club Group are a private equity backed subscription technology business, owned by Bridgepoint Capital. They have over 10,000 participating restaurants across three card brands (tastecard, gourmet society and hi-life) and a turnover of c.£20m.

The Challenge

The challenge they faced was the need to transition from a predominantly analogue business of discount dining cards to a digitally led subscription business, both in terms of their operations and their acquisition and retention strategies.

The Solution

ORESA undertook a board audit and departmental appraisal to assess the marketing team. This resulted in the company having a much clearer understanding of the digital skills and capabilities within the existing team. A gap analysis exercise further enabled understanding of the skillset gaps within the executive team and resulted in scoping a new role for a Chief Marketing Officer. 

ORESA were then commissioned for an executive search, to source and recruit a Chief Marketing Officer. This search focused on the UK tech and digital sectors, focusing primarily on fast growth digital, consumer businesses. 

We ultimately succeeded in recruiting a new CMO from one of the fastest growing ecommerce platform companies in the UK. The candidate brought subscription marketing and a depth of digital experience that could transform the business and continues to perform well in the organisation; such that ORESA were recently commissioned to recruit a Sales Director for a new data focused business unit within the group. This search was also successfully completed, hiring a senior leader from a US tech firm.