BMB Baird Group: Building a Digital Offering


Senior headhunting for retail

“ORESA’s diligence and effectiveness of achieving the right cultural match which as we know can sometimes be a challenge for our business.” Mark Cotter, CEO, Baird Group

Senior headhunting for retail
Senior headhunting for retail

The Business 

Baird is a leading British menswear wholesaler with an annual turnover of approximately £100m. They sell into 600+ independent retailers and have an overseas division trading 30 concessions across America, Germany and Bermuda.

The Challenge

The company felt they were behind the curve in terms of their ecommerce capability and the team in situ were largely of a junior level, and senior headhunting for retail quickly became a key service requirement. They needed an expert with a digital and ecommerce skillset to come into the business to provide guidance and leadership to the team. 

The Solution

Through the briefing stage it was agreed that the challenge could be tackled top down and bottom up to enable the business to accelerate the journey to digital. ORESA identified and placed a digital board advisor who had both the specific skillset and fashion ecommerce experience in a relevant category to help guide the company’s digital strategy.

Following the culmination of the senior headhunting for retail process, this individual helped to restructure the department and mentor internally to improve delivery. 

Whilst our Board Adviser built from the top, ORESA ran an executive search process to recruit a permanent Ecommerce Director for the business. The successful candidate went on to lead the implementation of the digital strategy and drive the operational success and trading of the business. 

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