5 Tips for CEOs in 2021


So the end of 2020 hasn’t brought with it a miraculous end to Covid-19. What now?

Meaningless resolutions won’t get you anywhere. During these uncertain times, CEOs need to think strategically about how they can progress, meet goals and maximise company growth.

With the constantly shifting rules likely to keep us all confused in the coming months, there are at least be a few things you do to get ahead. Here are five key areas to focus on in 2021.



Use Technology Wisely

Studies have shown that effective remote working is a top concern for CEOs in 2021. In these remote-working times we all use multiple channels of communication in our roles, but the rise of the video call in particular has divided opinion.

While video calls can of course be productive and allow some much-needed face to face contact, sitting in front of a camera for video call meetings 7am to 8pm can be a real struggle. Does anyone else find maintaining good posture and just the right facial expression completely exhausting?

Sometimes entire hour-long meetings could be swapped for a few messages of feedback in a Slack channel, or a summary email sent around in minutes. I for one often think best whilst walking around, which just isn’t possible with a webcam, so have made the resolution to use the phone more. Ensure that you’re considering how you will achieve the optimal result in all scenarios.

Flexibility is the Future

It’s a fact: the traditional model of a working day has been changed forever. This brave new world of  WFH has proved a better format for some than others, with factors including home office environment and family dynamics all playing a part. The novelty may have worn off, but there are ways we can all enhance our productivity while away from the office.

While I don’t miss the tube, I do miss the chance to walk, think and digest information on my commute. Resist your emails for that first half hour and consider filling this time with a morning stroll or yoga session. Find ways to fit short bursts of exercise into your day: even 10 minutes is enough to wake up your brain and improve your mood.

It’s very tempting to work even later than usual while our social lives are so painfully limited, but it’s essential to keep some level of work/life balance. Start by setting a goal time for closing your laptop and turning off phone notifications, and avoid working in your bedroom as this association will negatively affect your sleep.

Nurture Company Culture

While a company organised zoom quiz may not be everyone’s idea of a dream Friday night in, it’s important to be present for wider social conversations and consider new ways to add a ‘human touch’ to digital interactions. A sense of comradery keep a team happy and motivated, and informal conversations serve as a key place to stimulate new ideas. Just because you’re enjoying the peace and quiet of your home office, or the company of your dog is preferable to some colleagues, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone feels similarly.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when employees feel a sense of shared experience in a positive company environment, they work harder and are more likely to stay in their role. In 2021, take time to check-in, initiate the water-cooler-esque small talk and keep contact friendly.

Assess your Team’s Skillset

Even before Covid hit, some organisations existed in a state of flux, forced to reinvent themselves and their operating models to survive and thrive in a changing world. It’s rare to find a large firm that wasn’t undergoing some sort of transformation even before ‘coronavirus’ became part of our daily vernacular. Businesses need to become more agile to cope with constant change (and from what I can tell, companies are now spending a vast amount of money on consultants telling them how to become more agile!).

With new challenges on the horizon, it’s time to take stock of your team’s capabilities and consider the need for any new hires or additional training.

If you reach a stage where restructure is your only option, there are ways of doing it well. It may seem obvious, but dealing with people compassionately has a huge impact on how they (and you) react and cope… but good intentions aren’t enough: it needs to be consistent.

Rethink your Attitude

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” – Bruce Lee

What’s key in all of this is to maintain your positivity. While it may seem impossible to plan ahead and look to the future, in these times we can all benefit from a dose of optimism. We have the ability to influence our own moods, and in 2021 we need to utilise this power more than ever.


If you’d like to gain further insight into how ORESA can help you maximise your company’s growth in 2021, speak to our team today to see how we can help with your executive hires: +44 (0) 203 675 1459 or email Orlando Martins at [email protected].

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We demystify challenges by fresh thinking and seeking continual improvement. Browse our content here.