As a C-suite headhunting agency, we’re passionate about people and growing companies and we’ve worked with CEOs and business founders to develop systems that deliver.

As growth architects specialising in digital, retail, fashion and consumer businesses, we’ve worked with fast track scale-ups like GymShark and global players like JD Sports.

We are fanatical about business, fascinated by the sectors we work in, and proud to have been judges, speakers, sponsors and supporters at awards, conferences and events.

For more than 10 years we’ve helped ambitious companies prosper by headhunting impactful leaders.

Over the last decade we’ve honed our unique system based on data, insight and the personal experiences of CEOs and founders, to ensure success for our clients.

Whether you’re a Founder, CEO, Chair or Investor, together we’ll find your path to growth.


Our Purpose

We define our purpose as a C-suite headhunting agency on the belief that by helping companies grow, we can give communities hope through prosperity.

We are inspired by the Victorian and contemporary philanthro-capitalists. We share their belief that sustained, profitable business growth can result in a positive impact on society and particularly within local communities.

We emphasise the importance of sustainable growth because we are cognisant that our planet as well as the companies and communities that we serve must be protected and nourished.

Practically we show our support by advising those willing to go beyond the obvious. These are often the CEOs of charities that invest in the leaders of tomorrow or have a purpose that we believe in.

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Orlando at ORESA has attracted truly talented individuals that have further enabled our substantial growth Nick Robertson – Former CEO and Founder - ASOS