We rely on method not madness and that’s why we’ve designed a unique three-step approach for everything we do: Audit, Architect & Optimise

This approach enables us to fine-tune strategic challenges, overcome obstacles to growth, and swiftly enhance performance.  With our clients growing by an average of 77% over the past five years, we know it works.

Our focus on continual improvement meant we couldn’t stop there – we also designed a system to ensure candidate fit. Why? Because industry wide, 89% of new hires fail within the first 18 months.

The results

With the ORESA system, 98% of candidates are in role after 12 months with an average tenure of 4 years.

Growth Stories

ORESA’s diligence and effectiveness of achieving the right cultural match which as we know can sometimes be a challenge for our business. Mark Cotter - CEO - Baird Group