We rely on method not madness and that’s why we’ve designed a unique three-step approach for everything we do: Audit, Architect & Optimise

This approach enables us to fine-tune strategic challenges, overcome obstacles to growth, and swiftly enhance performance.  With our clients growing by an average of 77% over the past five years, we know it works.

Our focus on continual improvement meant we couldn’t stop there – we also designed a system to ensure candidate fit. Why? Because industry wide, 89% of new hires fail within the first 18 months.

The results

With the ORESA system, 98% of candidates are in role after 12 months with an average tenure of 4 years.

Growth Stories

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BMB Baird Group: Building a Digital Offering

  “ORESA’s diligence and effectiveness of achieving the right cultural match which as we know can sometimes be a challenge…

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Defining a strategy for growth

A strategy for growth can come in many shapes and sizes. For this client it meant identifying the team’s strengths, competitors weaknesses and hiring new executive talent.

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Sales Director for Groovy

Groovy had been growing very quickly and reached a point where the CEO needed to hire a Sales Director and asked us for our help.

I used ORESA for a key piece of competitor research and was very pleased with the results. The speed of response, focus on the detail and personal touch all made the process run very smoothly. UK Managing Director - Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturer