Great Candidates Stay In Demand

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says the labour market is a “battleground”, but at the top of the talent pool ORESA finds the situation is as positive as ever for great candidates.

The CIPD has released the results of its Spring 2013 Labour Market Outlook report. It describes the labour market in the UK at the moment as a “battleground” for job seekers, but this headline announcement is very much focused at the bottom end of the labour market. Actually if you look at the market from the top down then there is much good news.

For the fifth consecutive quarter, the CIPD is recording growth in the number of private sector employers who say they are hiring compared to the number who are reducing staff levels – the net employment balance.  Private sector labour market conditions continue to support the idea that the UK economy is slowly recovering, which is great for anyone working in the consumer industries.

And while there are 45 applicants for every low skilled job, the CIPD says that there are only 10 applicants for every highly skilled role. Almost all of the senior-level appointments ORESA works on fall into this highly skilled category; and our anecdotal evidence agrees with this relatively low figure.

Certainly it is true that there is not enough competition in senior management and director-level roles for salaries and packages to be falling in value.

There is limited competition for the best jobs out there because there are limited candidates with the necessary skills and experience – particularly as the requirement for online, multichannel and international experience increases. Indeed, International retailers and brands coming into the UK – or luring UK executives to work for them abroad in places such as Dubai, Australia, Russia, India and China – provide further opportunities.

Right now, one could argue that it is just as much a battleground for potential employers as for employees.