Victoria Gate: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Shopping?

Hailed as the “Knightsbridge of the North”, with its slick branding and luxury design elements, the new Victoria Gate in Leeds looks set to become a truly unrivalled shopping experience.

ORESA went along to the opening of the new shopping centre on the 20th October. Victoria Gate houses many premium brands from T2 tea to a decadently designed Anthropology, and with many retailers including Ghost debuting their first store outside London in the complex, it certainly lived up to the hype.


Victoria Gate Shopping Centre

Image Source: Acme

The future of UK shopping centres

The Victoria Gate is a place where shopping and architectural wizardry combine to create a shopping centre unlike anywhere else in Europe. Ornamental elements, reflective of the city’s textile heritage intertwine with digitally designed slickness, to stunning effect. Futuristic lighting and gleaming glass frontage, accented with glossy black signage ripple into diamond patterned walls and ceilings.

At the end of the building John Lewis, Victoria’s star attraction, stands proud; the jewel in her crown and long awaited attraction for the residents of Leeds.

Victoria Gate looks set to be not only an architectural triumph but one of the most fantastic contributions to British Retail in recent years.

Whilst we continue to make a big deal out of the growth of online sales, it’s important to remember that 90% of consumer purchases are still made offline and this is where the shopping centre can come into its own.

Yet, it is no longer enough for a shopping centre to be simply a collection of shops. The customer wants something different, they want an experience. Victoria is meeting place, a hub of things to do, designed to complement online activity and to become part of the overall shopping journey.

The convenient location and wider environment, including restaurants and additional facilities such as Doddle’s parcel collection service, app and programme of events, make it a destination in its own right and perhaps offer an indication of the extent to which shopping centres need to evolve to future proof.

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